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Growing up in the beauty industry, owner Maria Mendolia Mosher brings her business background as the perfect complement to her love and passion for this professional industry. In keeping true, with her roots firmly planted and rich in tradition and partnered with visionaries' insight, her dream would become a reality in 1995 when purchasing this business. Her goal always remains to make a difference in the community.

With the promise of offering our guests only the best ... the foundation of this company will always come from a standpoint of education. Cultivating a highly talented team of designers is a direct result of our commitment to this idea. In search of continual inspiration, our team travels internationally, honing our skills, and bringing back to each of our guest's fashion through artistry.


Joseph's Coiffures:
A name synonymous with leaders in the fashion and beauty industry for over 50 years. A long running tradition of superlative guest services and unforgettable experiences.

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